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Radio Frequency Course Training

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7 Hours of Didactic and Hands On Training ( can be customized depending on your in- dividual needs) : $3500 Day 1: 1 Hour didactic and 3 Hours Hands on Training ; 3 Hour of virtual Consults /Q&A Includes: Physics of Radio Frequency: Monopolar vs BiPolar vs Tripolar, Sublative treatments, Mechanism of Action, Indications and Uses How to treat Skin of Color patients Proper Patient Selection and Limitations Basic Safety and Guidelines Understanding of Regulations and Liability issues Pre and Post treatment care examples and templates Treatment sheet documentation Skin & Safety Protocols: How to avoid and handle possible complications or adverse events Why not all RF Microneedling is the same? explanation of existing systems and key dif- ferneries Overview of the various systems available; Hands On with various systems

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Aesthetic Pathway In Group

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