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Unleash the power of social media with API's bespoke strategy tailored to your unique goals. We'll harness the essence of your brand, crafting compelling narratives through strategic and visually appealing designs. Our communication strategies are designed to encourage engagement, spark conversations, and foster brand loyalty.

Here's what our comprehensive package includes:

Let API take your social media presence to the next level.

  • A monthly content calendar curated just for you

  • Creation of engaging posts, stories, and reels

  • Interactive content for stories

  • Scheduled posting in line with your content calendar

  • Design and makeover of your institutional profiles

  • Regular updates to keep your profiles fresh and relevant

  • Detailed monthly performance reports

  • 12 custom posts, 12 stories, and 2 reels (20/30" duration) every month

$400/per month for all platforms

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API provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your digital presence and performance. They utilize an exhaustive approach that involves careful analysis of your competitive market, examining the strategies, publications, and demand statistics of your competitors.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Media Planning: API will develop a customized marketing strategy and media plan for your business. This includes setting clear objectives, defining target segments, identifying relevant geographic areas, and selecting effective keywords.

  • Website Enhancement Suggestions: API will provide recommendations to improve the existing website for better performance or suggest the development of new ones if required.

  • Campaign Configuration and Setup: API takes care of configuring and setting up campaigns on the chosen advertising platforms. This involves the creation and configuration of advertising accounts, billing review, campaign creation, ad creation, content uploading, audience creation, and keyword selection. They also conduct thorough testing and revisions before activating the campaigns.

Services Included: API's service includes the following:

With API, you can rest assured that your digital marketing needs are in capable hands.

  • Campaign Configuration and Setup: The setup includes target market segmentation based on geographic location, keywords, sites or topics of interest, age, gender, and device type.

  • Ad Creation: They create text ads considering relevant keywords and competition. They also implement pixels to track queries.

  • Display Campaigns: API sets up display campaigns segmented by interests and topics, ensuring your ads appear on sites frequented by your target audience.

  • Remarketing: API uses remarketing techniques to show special ads to people who have already visited your website. They also leverage Facebook Dynamic Ads for this purpose.

  • Website Review: API reviews the site to promote, providing permanent suggestions for improvement.

  • Periodic Campaign Management: API manages campaigns periodically to meet the client's objectives, such as promoting specific landing pages, increasing website traffic and online sales, expanding the reach of social media posts, adding new followers on each social network, and disseminating Facebook/Instagram product catalogs.

  • Traffic and Ad Optimization: API optimizes all traffic and ads for better performance.

  • Monitoring and Review of Indicators: They monitor and review key performance indicators regularly.

  • Ad Design: API designs banners and ads needed to implement the defined actions. This service is included only if "Social Media Management" is also hired.

  • Monthly Reporting: API provides a detailed monthly report on campaign performance.

$300/per month

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